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About Book Breaker

BookBreaker operates on a 5 Star System

1 Star - These plays are usually reserved for our free plays, but are still researched and signed off on by BookBreaker Cappers

2 Star - These plays are generally part of our weekend packages or as a single game package at a discount price; again these plays are still backed by the same strategies that all of our plays are, but may pose a bit more risk

3 Star - This is where BookBreaker.Net starts to separate itself from all other Handicapping Services on the market; 3 Star plays have been thoroughly researched from every angle and have a very strong probability of cashing. The 3 Star Play is the standard for all of our plans. You will never receive anything less than the 3 Star Play in any of our Full Price Plans.

4 Star - The 4 Star Play is our version of the St. Louis Cardinals - this play just plain wins, year in and year out! This is the play that is always in the hunt and will win Championships, the 2nd most of all time in fact! These plays are signed off on by the BookBreaker Staff as well as some of our most trustworthy advisors. 

5 STAR - If the 4 Star Play is the St. Louis Cardinals, then the 5 STAR PLAY is the goddamn NEW YORK YANKEES!   Love em' or hate em' this play is the best in the game! With more rings than any other play, there is never any argument to how good this play is. Oh and did I forget to mention, this play also has the deepest pockets in the game...........that is your pockets after investing in the 5 STAR!


Types of Wagers

BookBreaker.Net utilizes various types of wagers to lower the amount of risk on every bet. 

Most of our 1-5 Star Plays will be Straight wagers, either against the spread or a small moneyline.

Parlay Plays - these will always be moneyline parlays and will always be 5 STAR PLAYS. If you plan on investing in the Parlay Package, we ask that you use a sportsbook that allows you to parlay multiple moneyline and preferably multiple sports. This is not always the case with our plays, but we like our members to bet the plays exactly as they are laid out.