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In over 15 years of Handicapping, BookBreaker.Net has gained the knowledge and experience to consistently profit in Sports Betting! We have developed strategies that not only win consistently, but will allow you to BREAK YOUR BOOK!

At BookBreaker.Net our basic philosophy is to reduce risk in every wager by leveraging information, trends, and different betting strategies. We believe that there is absolutely no value in a losing wager, no matter how good of a line you may have gotten.

BookBreaker.Net has in depth knowledge of all sports, but specializes in Football (NCAA and NFL) and College Basketball. What makes BookBreaker.Net unique amonst other Handicapping Services is our one of a kind Parlay Package. This is not the normal Parlay Package that you see at most site that promise you "a dollar and a dream" longshot parlays, or get rich quick bets. Our Parlays consist of Risk Reduction by Parlaying a number of moderate but low risk favorites to create an even money scenario (or slightly better than even money).

In addition to the Parlay Package, BookBreaker.Net offers a variety of Weekday and Weekend Packages that provide a player the advantage they need to BREAK YOUR BOOK!